Kick THE Buddy

To all fans of crazy weird games, I have the opportunity to represent the weirdest game on the market. Kick The Buddy is the game that is not made for kids. In fact, everyone under 18 years should not play it. In fact, people with high morale and ethics will hate this game. The game is made in such a way that you are harming a little doll and various ways. Because of that church, government and other “moral” institutions will hate it. They will talk bad about it, they will say it is a devils work behind this game.

But we know better. Games are made for fun and if we like some morbid fun why not release our anger and stress in the game and not on the street? This game is ideal for people who work hard and just get under a huge amount of stress. Stress that is dangerous to them and to the environment around them. If one simple game can release the stress from a hard working man why should you not play it? If it helps your health why should not use it as medicine? Only if you have moral levels up in the sky above the gods moral level, then you will not play this game, and unfortunately, you will get even more stress in everyday work because people with high moral always have high stress since we are living in a world that is hostile.

Details About The Game: Kick The Buddy

If the long intro didn't scare you and you are actually reading what is this game all about then, you are the lucky ones who are curious enough to see new things. The game is very simple, there is a rag doll that is looking like a human, but at the same time, you can clearly see it is not alive. The goal of the game is to hurt the doll. The biggest and most important part of the game is how to hurt the doll. You can cut, smash, shoot, free, burn, explode and use various machines to hurt the doll. One of the most damaging machines is electrocution chair. You set the doll on the chair and release the power. This power will deal enormous damage to the doll that will earn you lots of cash. The goal of the game is to collect cash by hurting the doll. You can then with cash use various types of machines.

The monster truck is one of the vehicles that can do serious damage. But honestly, there are thousands of various ways to deal the damage to the Buddy. You can even put the doll in a microwave and cut it, that will also give you lots of cash. Are you maybe thinking about using a blender on the doll? Yes, you can do that, and by blending the poor thing, you will also get lots of cash. But since you are new to the game, you won't be able to use all the cool machinery that deals huge damage. You will need to start with simple damage, like smacking the doll or shooting at it. By collecting cash and points, you will unlock all the cool things that can do cool damage to the doll. The more you play this game, the more cash you can collect and unlock the real fun behind the hurting the little doll. Also, you need to check BIO weapons, I find the BIO weapons the best and one of the most craziest int he whole game.

Without a doubt, people will love this game, but there will be groups of people who will hate it. I can highly recommend this game as a stress relief game that can help you have some fun and relaxation after good hard work. In case your boss made you angry at the work, instead of fighting with the boss or with a family member at home you can turn on this game and deal some damage to some weird doll. In real life, no harm is done, and your stress will be gone in a second. If you find this game interesting and good stress release product, please let us know and share the game with your friends.